What is Trullallé?

Welcome to Trullallé.
Have you ever dreamed of a unique experience, something refreshing for the body and mind in a fable-like and uncontaminated setting? The Itria Valley, the valley of the trulli, is the ideal place for a relaxed vacation featuring discoveries, good food and life in the open. And a stay in a trullo is the best way to appreciate the authenticity and magic of this land. Through this website, we will show you a number of wonderful locations which are harmoniously balanced between tradition and comfort: special places allowing you to enjoy a country chic hospitality in full tranquility, set between the echoes of the past and the marvels of nature.

What is a trullo? What is a lamia?

You will know you have arrived in Apulia when you see a trullo, a unique building which is typical of the Itria Valley.
A trullo is an incredible, cone-shaped and fable-like dwelling, made with dry stone masonry, the ingeniousness, harmony and brightness of which is unmatched.
Another typical building of the Itria Valley is the lamia, a simple stone structure characterized by round, barrel or star vaulted ceilings.
These buildings were originally conceived for life in the fields and agricultural work, yet in recent years, thanks to the passion of foreigners and locals alike, they have become exercises in architecture and design, becoming the buen retiro of all those who discovered and breathed new life into them, those who have found their own, personal Itria Valley and want to share it with others.

How does Trullallé work?

In the 'Trulli Hosting' section, Trullallé offers a charming collection of trulli and lamie for your vacation.
After choosing the home for your stay, you can get in touch with the selected location's owners directly, by clicking the 'Contact' button on their information file.
Simply register, then use the contact form to send owners the availabilities request.
The owners will answer ASAP. Otherwise, please get in touch with us: we will offer the necessary support to make sure your reservation goes through successfully.
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How can I make a booking and pay?

Your availabilities request should be followed by direct correspondence with the owners concerning bookings and payment, but also regarding your specific accommodation needs and requests.

What are the advantages of booking through Trullallé?

With just a simple click, by using Trullallé you will have access to a wide range of holiday homes: you will be able to make comparisons and choose the one you prefer, with the immediate possibility of getting in touch with the owners directly. No intermediation and no surcharge, allowing you to save time and money instead.
Furthermore, the prices on www.trullalle.com and the quotes you will receive from owners, following your request, are identical to the ones you would get by booking direct. Although, by booking through Trullallé, you will receive a welcome gift and have access to our website's exclusive special offers.

Who can I contact should I encounter problems during my stay?

First of all, you should inform the owners of any problem you encounter, so that they can tackle them as soon as possible.
You can contact the Trullallé staff at any moment in time, we will always be available to make sure you spend a peaceful vacation.

How can I leave feedback regarding my stay?

You will receive an e-mail requesting feedback, after your vacation. Your comments will be most useful in allowing us to improve service constantly.