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Trullallé is more than a mere collection of trulli for vacations.
It is the most original way to visit the Itria Valley.

When we decided to create Trullallé, we thought of starting a website stemming from the passion for trulli, highlighting their architecture and design, a website also focusing on nature and the pleasure of fine foods, as a way of vacationing in charming locations and meeting interesting people.
Trullallé is a dimension narrating a true trulli-style living. It is a fascinating place, filled with original trulli to stay in. It is a friendly way of proposing a refined yet relaxed style of vacation. It is ready to inspire all those dreaming of experiencing some unforgettable moments in the Valley of the trulli.

This website describes the Itria Valley's most charming spots, harmoniously balanced between tradition and comfort: trulli and lamie which have been restored thanks to the patience, love and expert touch of individuals enraptured by the idea of giving new life to these unique and fable-like dwellings, creating wonderful settings for themselves and their families and friends. Original and memorable locations, with interesting owners who wish to share a unique experience with their guests: that of enjoying the fully relaxing country chic hospitality of the land of the trulli.

Trullallé is a direct contact between those offering the privilege of waking up in a truly authentic setting and those searching for a special place for their stay.