What is Trullallé?

It is this website, a virtual showcase describing your property to all those dreaming of vacationing in the Itria Valley and looking for a special place.
It is a newsletter which allows your structure to become known.
It is a Facebook page and a Twitter account, amplifying the information on the locations and disseminating it on social networks.
Furthermore, it is a technological platform designed to offer all owners a tool, allowing them full independence in managing bookings for their holiday homes and relations with guests.

Why should I join Trullallé?

  • To become part of an active network: it is useful for visitors, with information on charming locations for their stay in the Itria Valley, and is a valuable partner for owners, allowing them to create contacts with a selected audience.
  • To offer your property, through a website focused on highlighting and giving value to your time, dedication and to the investments you've made.
  • To increase your structure's visibility and your potential earnings, thanks to the communication services we offer.

What advantages does Trullallé offer?

The following are available to you, without the trouble of having to deal with the creation and maintenance of a site:

  • a modern and effective website, through which you can illustrate your property, with accurate descriptions and photo galleries offering a near-3D effect
  • a safe and reliable ad hoc management system, allowing you full independence in bookings for your holiday home and relations with clients.

Which communication services are provided by Trullallé?

The starting point is the creation of your property's web page, presenting all of its unique details with a fresh and evocative approach, through the use of texts and photos.
Besides suggesting trulli and lamie for vacations, the Trullallé website is also a virtual window on the Itria Valley, portrayed through detail-filled slide shows on its wonders and leisure options, ranging from shopping to open-air activities.
As a way of promoting the Trullallé structures, we also ensure a lively presence on social media and effective public relations activities.

How do I become a part of Trullallé?

Simply fill in the Owner Application Form after having registered.
We will contact you as soon as we receive your request, following an initial analysis on the information and images you send us.
The next step will be a tour of the property, during which we will make a photo shoot and interview you.
Finally, we will create your property's web page.

How much does it cost to publish a property on the website?

Please contact us to receive information on terms and conditions.